Projects for our clients


Manga production

One of our goal is to work with big client in the area. Manga Production Team has provided us the freedom to express our feelings to create the music of the National Day video. A work that will never be forgotten

House Zofi

We are proud to work with House Zofi and we value their trust. We have made different categories of the same theme.

The making

House Zofi

This is a quick tutorial on how we composed the theme after we created the melody.

Light Studio

Our collaboration with Light Studio will never stop. In their second chapter of the game "Wojdan", we have created 3 soundtracks that are aligned with the scenes in the game.

National day

We are proud that we have made this song for the Saudi National Day and it was played in the radio during the national day.


ONSORA is a Saudi indie game developer. We have created more than 9 sound tracks for their video game. The video is an alpha of the game.

More is coming...

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